Alh. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu House, PLOT No. GP815 Dogon Karfe, Jos Plateau State- Nigeria.

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Touching Lives Through

Touching Lives Through Charity

Creating Lasting Change, Joining the Movement, and Together We Can: Derek Charles Joy Foundation is Making a Difference, Empowering Lives, Inspiring Hope, Transforming Communities, and Changing Lives Worldwide.

Touching Lives Through Charity


The Derek Charles Joy Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria in 2007 by Gindiri Old Students Association (GOSA) set ‘76 for the purpose of providing support for indigent members and other needy persons in the group and society at large. Its activities include developmental initiatives and support in relevant areas of human needs as may be determined from time to time.

The Foundation is based on the principles, ideals, philosophy and works of Mr Derek Charles Joy, a British missionary, teacher and one-time Principal of the famous Boys Secondary School (BSS), Gindiri. He was also the founder and head of several post-primary institutions in Plateau and other states of Nigeria. He was also a philanthropist per excellence who offered support and scholarship to needy orphans, widows and many less privileged students, especially the physically challenged.

Brief History


The Foundation is an initiative of GOSA set 76, which began on July 31, 2004. The management committee was appointed, including Dr. Z.D. Goshit as Coordinator, Mrs. Vou Shom as Asst. Coordinator, Mr. Elisha Sambo as Technical Officer, Dr. (Mrs.) Christy Best as Secretary, and Mr. Timothy Gani as Financial Secretary. Additional members joined later.

On July 20, 2007, the General Assembly conducted elections for the positions of Grand Patron and Board of Trustees. His Excellency Alhaji, Dr. Ahmadu Mu’azu became the Grand Patron, and the Board of Trustees included individuals such as Arc. D.D. Choji, Prof. Suleiman Bogoro, Dr. (Mrs.) Grace Pennap, Rev. (Dr.) Obed Dashan, Mr. Shedrack Wapdiyel, and Mr. B. Y. Bewarang.


Alh. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu House,
PLOT No. GP815 Dogon Karfe, Jos.
Plateau State- Nigeria.
+234 81 0818 1179
+234 90 1536 4629
Mon-Sat: 8am – 4pm
Our Mission

To promote the spirit of compassionate self-help and Support amongst members and the society at large through capacity and skills development; Research and awareness creation; Socio-Economic Empowerment and poverty reduction for a peaceful and just society.

Our Vision

Derek Charles Joy Foundation envisioned a society with preserved positive virtues, discovering and contributing to new knowledge and sharing resources with humanity.

Our Core Values

The basics of our belief and we are strongly guided by them are Godliness, Truthfulness, Justice, Reconciliation, Partnership, Respect and Warmth.

Aim & Objectives
  • To empower Men, Women and Youths with the knowledge that will enable them to make their lives better and successful through sensitization; training workshops; peer group education/ learning on topical issues.
  • Ensuring that Orphans and Vulnerable Children gain scholarships into formal and non-formal sectors of learning and empowerment.
  • Provision of Relief intervention (materials and non- materials supports, counselling and care) to families and individuals with terminal diseases or living in Displacement, especially children.
  • Empowering Women and the Girl child through training and provision of starter packs for social and economic independence towards self-dignity.
  • Sexuality education to teenagers and young adults in and out of schools for the purpose of promoting and preserving good virtues among the younger future generation.
  • Exclusive support for Widows, Women Living with disabilities and other vulnerable persons and groups in Pro-poor Communities.
  • Partnering and Networking with relevant Stakeholders, Organizations, Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals at the Local, State, National, Regional and International levels for learning, support and leveraging towards reducing poverty and general human development.


All our interventions are made possible with the sole sponsorship/ partnership of members of GOSA Set’76 who are our Founders. Actions have been well tailored to fit into the organization’s set aims and objectives to ensure we do not derail from the core mandate. Our proposals and interventions have direct bearing on impacting the lives of indigent members of the set and society at large in the following areas:
Women Empowerment Intervention
Anti-Substance Abuse Campaign
Relief Intervention
Water Sanitation & Hygiene - WASH
Gender, Good Governance & Peace Building

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Alh. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu House, PLOT No. GP815 Dogon Karfe, Jos Plateau State- Nigeria.
+234 81 0818 1179

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